Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jackson's monster truck

Hi, it's Shyanne here. Okay so last month it was Jackson's birthday! All Jackson wanted for his
b-day was a brand new car (or a vehicle) so dad bought him a remote controll monster truck. Dad was going to put it out in the driveway and say to Jackson,"Your present is out in the driveway." But sadly he didn't because mom said that it would be to mean if he did. When Jackson got the present he absolutely hated it!!!!! I liked it a lot so he might give it to me for my birthday (which is this month by the way). I really hope he gives it to me. Will he?

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I've tried to add Emery's picture to the Lagoon blog but I can't post it so I'm doing it here. She is so cute. She wouldn't take a nap last Sunday so her parents took her for a long ride and she ended up at our house. Thanks Em!

Fremont Indian Park

The fourth grade went on a field trip to Fremont Indian Park and Cove Fort and I got to drive them. It was a cold and rainy/snowy day and we were cold. We had our lunch on the bus. We didn't spend much time at Cove Fort because it was cold. There was a couple of inches of snow on the ground and it was drizzly. Some of the kids didn't think my Scooby-Doo umbrella was big enough to do any good. It really didn't because my hair was drooping at the end of the day.
The Fremont Indian Park was a bit better because we were inside the museum and the theater for a while. The writings on the rocks are interesting but we didn't spend as much time as we could have outside because of the weather. Shyanne and her friend Julaine are in the picture.

Water Polo

Jackson played water polo this year and loved it! These pictures are from the Deseret Peak Tourney in Tooele on the weekend of April 8th and 9th. We camped out in the parking lot and grilled hamburgers for supper and pancakes for breakfast. The polo kids had a great time. I slept in my van but the kids slept on the sidewalk or parking lot because we thought the sprinklers would come on in the middle of the night (they didn't). It was a cold and windy night. They had fun anyway.

Clogging at Lagoon

Shyanne's clogging group, Sugarloaf, of The Rocky Mountain Cloggers went to Lagoon on May 14, 2011. They did 2 dances and took 1st place in both of them. Each clogger got a medal and 2 ribbons. It's fun to clog with her cousins, Saydee & Sydnee Wilson and Makiah Scott. Good job! Still trying to post a video but it's not uploading.

I tended Emery while everyone rode the rides at Lagoon. She was really good all day. She didn't like to nap much but she didn't cry either. She's a sweetheart. We missed Morgan because she was having Maynksgiving and couldn't come.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Now it's Shy posting. I just want to tell you about my broken foot. Well my foots broken(duh). It's been hurting for about 6 months now. For about the whole time my perents thought it was" growing pains". But on Tuesday me and mom went to the doc.I got some x-rays and it's broken. On the left side there's a chunk out of my bone. So now I got a boot on for 4 weeks.It's realy anoying and you get a lot of attention but whatever.

our beginning post

Yesterday we had a mother-daughter day. We went to Ihop for breakfast with Nick, Carly and Emery. After that we shopped and then Shy and I went to Yogurtland then on to the BYU Ballroom Dance Concert matinee. We loved the beautiful costumes (lots were sparkly).

It looks like so much fun. Shy's favoirte was the glow in the dark computer game dance. It was awesome. Mom liked the Hairspray scenes and the Americana. We shopped again and went home.